Foreign-registered Vehicles

Foreign visitors who bring their vehicles to Berlin also require a sticker.

It can be ordered, for example, from the English website of the Berlin motor vehicle licensing authority.

Provided that the licensing authority can identify the necessary information for the assignment of the sticker from the vehicle documents, e.g. from a manufacturer’s certification. The required vehicle documents or registration document must be scanned and attached to the email or photocopied and sent by post.

How are foreign vehicles assigned to the emission groups?

The certificate for foreign-registered cars and thus the assignment of a sticker is governed by Article 6 of the Marking Ordinance (35. BImSchV – 35th Ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Protection Act).

If the exhaust emission standard of a foreign-registered vehicle can be clearly identified from the vehicle documents, classification can be effected in accordance with Annexe 2 of the Marking Ordinance. Otherwise the assignment will be effected based on the year that the vehicle was first registered.

The following table provides an overview classification of foreign-registered vehicles based on the date of initial registration (there may be variances in individual cases).

Overview classification of foreign-registered vehicles

  • Overview classification of foreign-registered vehicles

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Electric vehicles without combustion engine belong to emission group 4. Alternatively, foreign-registered electric vehicles can get a blue E-sticker according Annex 3a of the vehicle registration ordinance. By a general exemption order of Berlin, vehicles with this blue sticker can enter the low emission zone Berlin.