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Online-application environmental zone sticker

Here you can file an application for an environmental zone sticker for every vehicle registered in Berlin or another German registration-office, even for every foreign vehicle.

The application will be finished immediately after incoming. Due to different mail delivery times (especially to foreign countries) you should allow for receiving the sticker about 7 to 14 days.

To check which kind of environmental zone sticker you can get for your verhicle, please use the following weblink: Umweltzonenbroschüre

Online-application environmental zone sticker

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Environmental zone sticker

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Please enter the registration number (license plates) for all vehicles you want to order environmental zone stickers for. In case of multiple orders enter each registration number into a single line. For foreign vehicles please write a country code behind every registration number in parenthesis.

Please enclose a copy of the registration papers (e.g. COC-Paper) with the technical details of the vehicle as pdf- or jpg-file. Maximum file size is 2MB.

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