Speed limits

Tempo 30 Zone
Bild: Gabi Günther -

The Berlin Senate Administration actively promotes safe and environmentally-sound transport system. Speed restrictions on certain roads are one of the main measures to alleviate the negative effects of car travel in Berlin.

Speed limit of 30 km/h at night

Like other major cities, Berlin is obliged to take steps towards reducing noise levels, which are particularly disturbing when we are asleep. Permanent traffic noise at night with a noise level of more than 55 decibel may increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Along Berlin’s main roads, up to 300.000 people are affected. Therefore, to lessen noise at night time, Berlin implemented a speed limit of 30 km/h on certain roads.

The “Speed-30“ (“Tempo 30”) concept is not the only measure towards reducing noise levels, but a very efficient one which can be implemented in a timely manner. Along the most heavily used roads it was therefore examined where a maximum number of residents can be relieved without affecting the BVG metrolines and the main streams of nightly traffic too much.