Public Parks (Green and Recreation Spaces)

Due to their significance for public recreation, environmental protection and the appearance of the city, the status of the public parks (green and recreation spaces) in Berlin and their use quality and functionality is protected under the Public Parks Law of November 24, 1997.

The law specifies horticulturally designed facilities, playgrounds, open spaces, and also wooded and near-natural areas as public parks (green and recreation spaces). The law does not apply to cemeteries, sports facilities, bathing areas or forests, or green spaces located on public roadway land.

In addition to regulations on the use of these facilities, the Public Parks Law also contains stipulations regarding certification, which legally establishes a green space as a public park (green and recreation space), and determines its purpose. The majority of parks in Berlin are certified, and locally marked by the so-called “tulip sign.” These areas are largely cared for and maintained by the borough departments of green spaces (in German).

In addition to the public parks, the playgrounds and the special green spaces, such as the Botanical Garden or the Zoological Garden, the stock of public green spaces in the territory of the city and in the boroughs also includes green spaces on roadway land, as well as allotment gardens and cemeteries.


Data online: public green spaces

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