Traffic obstruction permit for construction sites

Construction sites are not a rare sight on the public roads of Berlin. Road users are directly affected by closures and hindrances. Building takes place for a number of different reasons. We must, for instance,
  • keep roads safe and usable,
  • develop traffic infrastructure,
  • perform maintenance work on gas, water, sewage and conductor pipes,
  • renovate or build tram and metro tracks,
  • construct buildings.

For the setting-up of a construction site in the public road network, regulatory action by the traffic authority ordering the establishment of a construction site is required in addition to the necessary permit of special use according to Berlin’s Road Law (Berliner Straßengesetz §§11 and 12).

The Traffic Management issues the order based on traffic law for the superior road network in collaboration with the Police and the Baulastträger (“party bearing the charge of construction”, usually the Land of Berlin)

For all other roads, the order is issued by the traffic authority responsible in the respective boroughs.

The order regulates in particular:
  • how the construction site is cordoned off,
  • whether and how blocked roads and diversions must be signed
  • whether and how traffic must be directed.
It contains
  • traffic sign maps,
  • diversion maps if necessary, as well as
  • maps for traffic lights and optical signalling systems,
and it takes into account:
  • the actual local conditions,
  • the space requirements for the building project and traffic, as well as
  • different construction phases.

All plans, maps and specifications needed for the issuance of the order must be submitted to the Traffic Management in due time prior to the commencement of the activity.

Application documents

  • Forms / Section Mobility (German only)
    Here you will find online forms to apply for public street land for your construction project.