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Low emission Zone

Low emission zone

Low emission zone

Only low-emission vehicles are allowed into Berlin’s Low-emission zone in order to reduce air pollution caused by diesel soot (particulate matter) and nitrogen oxides. These vehicles must be identified by a green sticker. Vehicles with high pollutant emissions are not permitted to drive or park within the low emission zone.

The Low-emission zone covers the centre of Berlin inside the S-Bahn ring (“Großer Hundekopf”). A green sticker is required in order to drive within the Low-emission zone.
Verkehr auf Berliner Stadtautobahn

Preface / The low-emission zone - What is it?

The low emission zone is an area, where only vehicles are allowed, which comply with certain emission standards. Vehicles with especially high emissions have to stay outside.The low emission zone in Berlin is limited to the urban area within the S-Bahn ring. More information



What area does the low emission zone cover and how can I recognise it? More information

Ausschilderung für den Beginn einer Umweltzone, für die Fahrzeuge mit der grünen Plakette gekennzeichnet sein müssen.

Vehicle / Sticker

In Berlin’s low emission zone, vehicles must be marked with a green sticker. Vehicles registered abroad also require a green sticker. The sticker must be attached to the windscreen and facilitates the control of the low emission zone. The stickers are valid in all low emission zones in Germany. More information

Kfz-Verkehr - Abgaswolke

Retrofitting with a particulate filter

Older diesel vehicles that do not receive a green sticker or cannot profit from exemption regulations must not enter the low emission zone. However, it is not always necessary to replace vehicles since they can often be retrofitted with a particulate filter. More information

Foreign-registered Vehicles

Foreign visitors who bring their vehicles to Berlin also require a sticker. More information

General Exemptions from Driving Ban in Germany

The following vehicles are exempt from the traffic bans in low-emission zones in accordance with Annexe 3 of the Marking Ordinance (35th Ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Protection Act). They may be driven without a sticker or with any sticker in all low-emission zones in Germany. More information

Berlin-specific Exemptions from the Driving Ban

Exemptions that apply only to the Berlin low-emission zone have been established in order to lessen any social or economic hardship caused by the driving ban. More information

Download – Information about the low emission zone

Here you can find downloads and information about the low emission zone. More information


Air quality plan for Berlin, 2nd update (2019)

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