(e.g. exceptions from the regulations on vehicle towing, from the ban on vehicular traffic on Sundays, from the prohibition of undue carriage of persons)

According to § 46 of the Road Traffic Regulations), traffic authorities can grant exception permits for numerous elements of prohibition offences upon previous application.

The Traffic Management, however, grants these kinds of exception permits only

for the driving, stopping and parking on the established bus lanes (officially “Bussonderfahrstreifen”) if related to filming, related to the towing of vehicles on federal motorways (“Bundesautobahn”) related to prohibited stopping and parking according to § 12 StVO (Road Traffic Regulation) if not regulated by traffic signs for the use of blue and yellow light flashing, where applicable in connection with sirens.

All other possible permits for exceptions – which constitute the majority – are processed by the traffic authorities of the Berlin’s boroughs.