For the majority of public urban green spaces in Berlin divisions both of the Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action and of the Borough Administrations are responsible.

In the Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action, the Division III “Climate Protection, Nature Conservation and Urban Green Space”, and here Commission III C “Open-Space Planning and Urban Green Space”, perceives the general citywide management tasks (planning, policy matters, control) for the city’s public green in Berlin. This includes the elaboration of technical plans for the city as a whole, the development of laws and regulations for Berlin’s urban green, and information exchange and professional coordination with the departments of green spaces of the twelve Berlin boroughs. Furthermore, in Commission III C are also perceived individual matters in the immediate responsibility of government (eg, planning and construction of green spaces in the government district).

The departments of green spaces of Berlin’s boroughs are responsible for the municipal tasks of construction, care and maintenance of public green spaces (parks and recreational facilities including public playgrounds, street greenery and green spaces at public buildings), planting and maintenance of street trees, management and leasing of allotment gardens on state-owned land, management, and care and maintenance of state-owned cemeteries. These tasks are performed in the borough Department for Road Construction and Green Spaces.

In special cases, Other Institutions (public or even private organizations) are responsible for certain public green spaces.

In addition to the contacts regarding the care and maintenance of the public green space in Berlin, there are a large number of organizations and associations which deal with horticultural topics. A selection of these can be found under the heading Associations and organizations (“Verbände und Organisationen”, in German).