Your contacts

If you need advice or help on matters relating to school, youth and family, you will find the right contacts here for questions, concerns and suggestions.

Info Point Advice Centre

The employees of the Info Point on Bernhard-Weiß-Straße will be your first point of contact for questions about education, school, youth and family.

At the Info Point you can get advice during office hours by phone and by e-mail.

Unfortunately, no personal office hours can be offered at the moment.
For specific questions, you will be directed to the responsible employees in our specialist departments. In addition, the Info Point can provide you with informational materials such as brochures and flyers.

E-mail mailbox

Would you like to contact us by e-mail with questions or suggestions or are you not sure about the responsible office? Then write to the e-mail mailbox of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family:

Quality and complaint management and anti-discrimination officer

If you have any questions, problems or complaints concerning daycare and school matters, you can get advice from the quality and complaint management.

Service centre for recruiting and advising skilled workers

The service centre is your point of contact for questions about the teaching profession, lateral entry or training.

Your contacts for daycare issues

The teacher, daycare management and, if applicable, the children’s daycare centre are your first points of contact for all questions relating to the care of your child in a daycare centre. If there are then still problems or you want to lodge a complaint, you can contact the Daycare Supervision.

In particular, if the well-being of your child is at risk (e.g., due to defective play equipment, lack of supervision, insufficient number or qualification of staff, lack of inclusion, behaviour that violates boundaries), Daycare Supervision will respond immediately. You can also contact Daycare Supervision in cases in which the care contract or additional agreements have been violated (e.g., unjustified additional payments, closing times, insufficient food).

If you have any questions about the daycare voucher or need help finding a daycare, please contact your Youth Welfare Office

Our Complaint Management will gladly accept complaints that you cannot resolve with these offices and will check on a quick problem resolution.

Your contacts for school issues

School authorities in the districts

School authority in each district is responsible for the so-called external school affairs, for example, the school buildings, construction work, equipping the school with teaching and learning materials, school enrolment and the distribution of school places.

Supervision of schools in the districts

In addition to the school authorities, the districts also have a regional supervision of schools. The school councils working there will advise you on the educational pathway and changing schools and are the next higher authority for problems that cannot be resolved in the school.

Contact Point for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees

Do you have personal concerns or specific complaints on matters concerning unaccompanied minor refugees? Then please send us an e-mail. The contact point established for this purpose will be happy to help you.

Do you have general questions or need advice on matters concerning unaccompanied minor refugees? We will answer your questions at this e-mail address.