Walk 8 – Kaulsdorf Walk (17 km)

Lake "Biesdorfer Baggersee" (flooded gravel pit)

Lake "Biesdorfer Baggersee" (flooded gravel pit)

The Kaulsdorf Walk primarily leads through green settlement areas. While Rummelsburg and Friedrichsfelde still largely have an urban character, once you pass to the east of Treskowallee in Karlshorst you almost exclusively find terraced or detached houses. From here, the walk skirts the edge of a flooded gravel pit, now the lake “Biesdorfer Baggersee”, and crosses the centres of Biesdorf and Kaulsdorf.


You only get a real idea of the size of Berlin’s largest area of detached houses as you follow the walk up the rising Mahlsdorf slope dubbed “Berlin’s balcony” (Berliner Balkon) to reach the higher ground on the edge of the Barmin plateau. The open countryside sloping away beyond the main B1/5 road offers a fantastic panoramic view down to the set of artificial lakes in Kaulsdorf and on to the hills “Müggelberge”. The Kaulsdorf Walk ends at Berlin’s eastern city border in the south of Mahlsdorf.

Length: 17 km

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