Walk 13 – Barnim Villages Walk (34 km)

Meadowland at Wartenberger Feldmark

Meadowland at Wartenberger Feldmark

The Barnim Villages Walk is one the best known walks in the north of Berlin. It connects the historical village centres of Tegel, Hermsdorf, Lübars, Blankenfelde, Karow and Ahrensfelde, which are all located on the section of the Barnim plateau inside Berlin’s city boundaries. The walk begins at the lake “Tegeler See” and winds its way along the meandering stream called the Tegeler Fliess, one of Berlin’s few “genuine” large overground streams.

Fruit trees in flower in Blankenfelde

From Lübars, probably the best-known village in the former “island” of West Berlin, the path crosses the Berlin section of the Barnim plateau. Here, you can discover a unique Berlin landscape of spreading meadowland, cultivated fields and old orchards. In the newly landscaped Wartenberger and Falkenberger Feldmark parks, you may even see Scottish highland cattle at the edge of the path – though safely on the other side of the fence!

Length: 33 km

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