Walk 10 – Britz-Buckow Walk (10 km)

Britzer Garden

Britzer Garden

The Britz-Buckow Walk starts at the Tempelhofer Feld public park and leads across the bridge “Colditzbrücke” connecting the industrial parks to the north and south of the Teltow Canal. Along this stretch, the impressive industrial architecture of the 1920s Ullsteinhaus is a major landmark from both sides of the river. However, the walk’s main feature is its unusual route through the spreading developments of allotment gardens, with their mass of fruit trees, flower beds and well-tended vegetable patches.

The route past the "Bukower Feldmark" allotment gardens

The route south also leads to the attractive park “Britzer Garten”, which is set almost entirely among allotment gardens. The “Britzer Garten” park (admission fee), site of Germany’s BUGA biennial garden show in 1985, is always well worth a visit. The walk’s route, though, loops around the park to cross the green settlement zones of Buckow and Lichtenrade, heading out of Berlin towards Großziethen.

Length: 10 km

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