Lübars Walk

Wall Park (Mauerpark)
Wall Park (Mauerpark)
Image: SenUVK

The Lübars Walk is a classic example of a green city walk, with nearly the entire route running through green areas. The Lübars Walk belongs to Berlin’s Green Belt, a landscape conservation area along the former course of the Berlin Wall from the city centre to the section of the Barnim plateau within Berlin’s northern city boundaries. For decades, these green open spaces remained nearly untouched. Even today, they are crossed by hardly more than ten roads.

Enlarge photo: Lake "Köppchensee"
Lake "Köppchensee"
Image: Jens Redlich

Until recently, there were plans for a Pankow-Reinickendorf road link across the former course of the Wall. However, as things stand at present, these plans have been shelved. As a result, you can enjoy walking an almost traffic-free route along the former route of the Berlin Wall between Bernauer Straße and the countryside around Lübars and Blankenfelde.

Length: 14 km