Traffic Control Centre (VKRZ)

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Traffic Control Centre
Image: SenUVK; Jörg Lange
The Traffic Control Centre
  • monitors and – when indicated – manually activates the traffic lights (also “light signal systems”) in Berlin at about 2.000 intersections, as well as
  • nine Variable Message Sign Systems (VMS) mainly on the Berlin motorways.
  • It monitors the traffic situation on more than 1.500 km of roads, and
  • transmits traffic information of the regional reporting office (TMC procedure).

The Berlin centre is one of the biggest state-of-the-art traffic control centres in Europe.

The Traffic Control Centre is of particular importance for the work of the Berlin Traffic Management. By collecting all traffic information in one place, the Berlin Traffic Management is able to directly influence the traffic situation in and around Berlin and to minimise or even completely avoid disturbances.

Non-stop traffic monitoring

The staff of VKRZ monitors the Berlin light signal systems and VMS day and night, immediately eliminates interferences, and therewith ensures the smooth operating of the systems facilities.

Regional reporting office for traffic warning services

The regional reporting office is integrated into VKRZ, and by means of TMC procedures (Traffic Message Channel) transmits latest information on special events such as roadwork sites, or demonstrations to the associated radio stations and navigation systems.

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