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Unterwegs mit EBikes in Berlin

Berlin Mobility Act

Berlin plans to become safer, more mobile and more climate-friendly. In a growing metropolis like Berlin, this can only succeed if the strengths of all forms of mobility – i.e. bus, rail, bicycle, car, pedestrian traffic – are taken into Berlin Mobility Act

Protected bike lanes for greater safety


Only one in three people in Berlin has a car, but almost everyone has a bicycle. Accordingly, cycling is becoming increasingly popular. Cycling

Verkehrsschild Zulässige Höchstgeschwindigkeit

Speed limits

Noise, air pollution and dangerous accidents are partly the result of car traffic and have a considerable impact on the life quality in a city. Speed limits

Berliner Verkehr - Oberbaumbrücke

Traffic data

Modern transport management needs reliable factual information. This includes mainly data on the development of transport infrastructure and the demand side of transport and traffic. Traffic data

Bauzeichnungen, Taschenrechner und Computertastatur

Planning approval procedure

The citizens’ participation in the planning of infrastructure projects is of high priority in our society and plays an important role for Berlin. Planning approval procedure