Walk 5 – North-South-Walk (44 km)

Image: Partner für Berlin/FTB-Werbefotografie

The North-South Walk starts from Berlin’s northern city border following the small river “Panke”, a tributary of the river “Spree”, to its (historical) confluence with the Spree opposite Friedrichstraße Station. But that is only half of the North-South walk! On the other side of the Spree, the walk continues to the city’s southern border in Marienfelde.

Enlarge photo: Park Gleisdreieck
Park Gleisdreieck
Image: SenUVK

With the newly landscaped “Park Am Gleisdreieck” now open, the route leads across a green area with many leisure facilities. Other green areas and connecting walking routes are presently under construction between the Yorckstraße and Südkreuz stations. This will also provide the Tempelhof-Schöneberg borough with a direct walking route into the city’s historical centre.

Length: 45 km