Two-year basic funding for project spaces and initiatives in the visual arts

(Funding period: 2024−2025, subject to the approval of funds)

Target group / Funding objectives

The funding program is intended to support project spaces, i.e., independent, artist-run spaces for presentation and production, as well as initiatives with no specific location, in the field of visual arts.
Natural and legal persons (individuals, associations, artist groups, etc.) are eligible to apply.
The project spaces and initiatives have to be located and operated in Berlin, have distinct programming with events that are open to the public, and be dedicated to presentation, production, development, and research in the field of visual arts.


Funding is subject to the following criteria:
  • The quality of the applicant’s previous curatorial/artistic work
  • A consistent and visible body of outstanding work or exhibition programs carried out over the last two years
  • A convincing curatorial (and financial) plan for two years
  • Creating an artistic setting that accommodates third-party projects, discourses, and activities (by artists, curators, theoreticians, and others)
  • Berlin as the center of the applicant’s professional activity
Funding will not be granted to:
  • For-profit and commercially operated project spaces/initiatives
  • Project spaces/initiatives that are already receiving institutional funding
  • Project spaces/initiatives that receive (partial) structural funding from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community (including DKLB state lottery funds)

Funding volume

Funding will be provided for a period of two years to cover structural costs (staff, material, and rent), costs for a maximum of one production per year (limited to a reasonable amount/share of the total sum applied for), and any urgent additional purchases and skilled technical work in duly justified cases.
Only costs incurred in Berlin will be reimbursed. The basic funding will be provided for individual projects to close any funding gaps. Any potential revenue needs to be included in the financing plan. There is no entitlement to funding. Funding is subject to the approval of budgetary funds.

Application Deadline

Please note the current application deadlines:

Application procedure

Applications, including all supporting documents, must be submitted online.
You can fill in the electronic application form and upload the required supporting documents online at:
Please take note of the instructions in the latest version of the information sheet.
Using our financing plan template is mandatory!

  • Information Sheet

    PDF-Document (1.1 MB)

  • Finance Plan

    XLSX-Document (25.1 kB)

  • Recommendation for exhibition fees and minimum fees for artists (in German)

    PDF-Document (92.5 kB) - As of: Januar 2023

  • financing plan

    XLSX-Document (24.2 kB) - As of: 10. Mai 2021