Funding for individual projects

Target group / Purpose of funding

Funding is available through this programme to theatres and theatre/dance groups operating as private entities. Funding for individual projects is available in the form of a subsidy for production costs relating to projects of limited duration, the further development of existing productions or the programming of previous productions.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Applicants to this programme must have produced and shown at least one production in Berlin which resonated with audiences and critics.
  • Applicants may not be enrolled at a higher education institution.

Funding volume

Applications may be submitted in relation to personnel and material costs incurred up to the day of the premiere; performance-related expenses are not eligible for funding through this programme as a rule.

Call for applications

A call for applications to this programme is issued in May of each year for the following year.

Application procedure

Please refer to the current version of the programme flyer for detailed information on submitting an application.

Informationsblatt Einzelprojektförderung 2020

PDF-Document (57.5 kB) - As of: April 2020

Empfehlungen für Honoraruntergrenzen, Ausstellungshonorare und Lesehonorare

PDF-Document (211.9 kB) - As of: April 2020

Please submit your application – together with all relevant documentation – online.

Submit an application online