Festivals and series (1-2 years)

Target group

Subject to the availability of funds, Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture awards funding to arts and cultural projects in various disciplines as well as inter- and transdisciplinary projects which will be realised in Berlin.
These funds are intended primarily for the support of members of and other stakeholders in what is called the “independent arts scene”. Natural persons and legal entities based in Berlin and professionally engaged in artistic or curatorial work are eligible to apply.

Purpose of funding

The goal is to promote arts and cultural projects that correspond to Berlin’s own self-image as an open, creative, history-conscious metropolis.

Support goes to projects and programmes that cannot be or are not adequately funded by regular funding programmes of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Applications may be submitted if you are planning:

  • A series or similar events (minimum of three events is mandatory)
  • Festivals developed and taking place in Berlin that involve Berlin-based artists
  • A special programmatic focus (e.g. anniversary)

Eligibility and conditions

  • The majority of artists involved in the project live and work in Berlin (registration in Berlin is mandatory) or the venue applying for funding is in Berlin.
  • Exhibition fees and minimum fees for artists must be taken into account in the financing plan (see “Empfehlungsblatt für Honoraruntergrenzen” – only in German).
  • Funded projects have to be realized and visible in Berlin in the years in which they receive funding.
  • Projects which have already started are not eligible.
  • People with disabilities are legally entitled to full participation in cultural life, especially when it comes to access to cultural events and activities. If you are planning accessible events, please indicate the target group you would like to reach and how any expenses in pursuit of this goal are reflected in your financing plan.
    There is no entitlement to funding.

Funding volume

  • There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding.
  • Priority will be given to artistic (co-)productions. Applicants who are not receiving institutional funding can also apply for project-related support for rent and other running costs for personnel und material expenses.
  • The funding only covers expenses in Berlin or directly connected with the part of the project taking place in Berlin.
  • In justified cases, funding may be granted for more than two years.

Call for applications

Calls for applications will be announced twice a year. Please pay close attention to the deadline in the information sheet.

Application procedure

Please refer to the current version of the information sheet for more details.

Information sheet multi-sector funding for festivals and series

PDF-Document (249.5 kB) - As of: 03. Mai 2021

Detailed project description (2021)

PDF-Document (412.4 kB) - As of: 22. März 2021

Financing plan (This template is mandatory!)

XLSX-Document (24.4 kB) - As of: 22. März 2021

Confirmation of at least one presentation venue

DOCX-Document (20.4 kB) - As of: 22. März 2021

Recommendation for minimum fees

PDF-Document (211.9 kB) - As of: 22. März 2021

Information sheet for accessibility

PDF-Document (329.5 kB) - As of: 22. März 2021

Please submit your application and all supporting documents electronically.

Access the online application