Presentations of contemporary visual art

Target group / Purpose of funding

The funding is intended to support solo and group projects by Berlin artists, artist groups, curators, Berlin project spaces and initiatives, and associations with an artistic agenda. Special funds for visual art presentations are being made available for this target group. The funds are designed to allow this target group to carry out projects and create catalogues in Berlin, thereby adding to the diversity of Berlin’s visual arts scene.

Eligibility and conditions

Eligible projects:
  • Exhibition projects including catalogues and exhibition-related events (e.g., performances, symposia, panel discussions, catalogue presentations, video programs, exhibition tours, etc.)
  • Production and premiere of artistic video works
  • Solo catalogues of Berlin artists (either a first publication or if it has been more than five years since the last publication for which funding was obtained)
  • The artists working on the projects must have a proven track record of artistic production substantiated by work samples.
  • The majority of the artists working on the projects must live and work in Berlin (Berlin being their main place of residence), or the institution applying for funding must be based in Berlin.
  • The presentation project must be carried out in Berlin between March and December of the year in question.
  • University students are not eligible.
  • Exhibition fees and minimum fees for artists must be included in the financing plan.
  • Projects that have already started are not eligible.
  • Funding is not available for projects that have already been granted full or partial funding by Berlin’s cultural affairs department or the Capital Cultural Fund (this does not apply to funding by the EU or the Berlin boroughs).

Funding volume

The number of funded projects and the amount of funding for each project will be determined by a jury that will submit its recommendations to the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Call for applications

A call for applications for projects to be carried out between February and December will be issued in mid-September of the previous year.

Application procedure

Please make sure to read the information sheet before you apply.

  • Informationsblatt Präsentationsförderung zeitgenössische Bildende Kunst 2022

    PDF-Document (190.8 kB) - As of: 13. September 2021

  • Financing plan for projects (in German)

    XLSX-Document (23.2 kB) - As of: 19. Oktober 2020

  • Financing plan for catalogues (in German)

    XLSX-Document (22.2 kB) - As of: 01. September 2020

  • Confirmation issued by the location where the presentation is to be held (in German)

    DOCX-Document (23.8 kB) - As of: April 2020

  • Recommendation for exhibition fees and minimum fees for artists (in German)

    PDF-Document (92.5 kB) - As of: Januar 2023

Please submit the application and all supporting documents online.

Submit an application online