Cultural exchange stipends of the federal state of Berlin – Visual arts: Istanbul, L.A., New York, Tokyo

Deadline for submission/application: 14 September 2023 at 6pm (CET)

Online applications need to be fully submitted by 6pm. After 6pm, submission is no longer possible and transmissions which started are automatically cancelled.

Formal exclusion

Exceeding the maximum number of pages and/or maximum data volume can lead to formal exclusion from the jury process. Submitting incomplete identity documents can lead to formal exclusion, too. Please make sure to submit all necessary attachments in the right format!

• 1 grant for 3 months – September – November 2024
• 1 grant for 3 months – March- May 2025

New York
• 1 grant for 3 months – September – November 2024

• 1 grant for 3 months – September – November 2024

Los Angeles
• 2 grants for 3 months each– one quarter in 2025 each (in liaison with Villa Aurora)

Target group / Purpose of Funding

The cultural exchange grants serve the artistic development of professional visual artists based in Berlin. The stay abroad should enable the artists to gain an understanding and knowledge of the cultural scene of the residency city, to study current developments of the local scene, to network, exchange ideas, gain inspiration and to realise an artistic project on site. The local partner institutions provide a studio or studio flat.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Grants are awarded to artists who have proven themselves through their artistic work and are able to verify this with their portfolio.
  • Recipients are required to remain on location during the grant period
  • Artists applying to this programme must live and work in Berlin, and be registered in Berlin (‚Erstwohnsitz‘)
  • Students cannot apply
  • Artists from non-EU-States are only eligible to apply if they hold a valid residency permit which qualifies them for self-employment.
  • Former grantees can re-apply, if their residency ended at least two years ago (September 2021 or before)

Funding volume

The grant comprises

  • for Istanbul: a monthly payment of 2.500 € and use of a studio flat
  • for New York: a monthly payment of 3.000 €, use oft he studio at ISCP plus 600 € per month for accommodation (as the ISCP cannot offer accommodation);
  • for Tokyo: a monthly payment of 3.000 € and use of the studio flat;
  • for Los Angeles: a monthly payment of 2.500 € and use of a private room, the communal areas, and a studio at Villa Aurora, plus flight costs.

During the artist’s residency the partner institutions look after the Berlin artist and arrange contacts to the local scene on request. Events organised by the partner institutes (i.e. open studios, exhibitions, artists‘ talks) offer opprtunities for Berlin artists to present their work to an international audience.

Partner institutions

Call for applications

The call for applications to this programme usually opens in July of each year for the following years.


The jury process has two stages.
An independent expert jury appointed by the Senate Department of Culture consisting of Korhan Erel, Inka Gressel, Christina Landbrecht, Nazanin Noori and Valentin Schmehl makes a pre-selection in November 2023. The partner institutions make the final selection. Results of the pre-selection will be communicated via email in December 2023, results of the final selection probably in January 2024.

Application procedure

>>> NEW! >>> Please note, that you can only submit an application for ONE residency place per year. Multiple applications (for several residency cities) are no longer possible!

We strongly advise you to please read all the information provided on the current information sheet.

  • Information sheet for Cultural exchange grants of the Federal State of Berlin 2024/2025 Visual Arts – Istanbul, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo

    PDF-Document (79.1 kB) - As of: 19. Juni 2023


We kindly ask you to fill in this aplication form in English and attach it to your application. It is for our partner institutions in Istanbul, New York and Tokyo (not needed for L.A.).

  • APPLICATION FORM cultural exchange grants of the federal state of Berlin 2024/2025 visual arts

    DOCX-Document (36.4 kB) - As of: 19. Juni 2023

Please submit your application – together with all relevant documentation – online.

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