About us

Graffitto am Dienstgebäude FKU

With around 430 employees and more than 400,000 files, we are the largest foreigners’ registration office in Germany.

Our organization chart gives you an overview of the areas of competence of the departments (Sachgebiete).

We serve our customers at our locations Friedrich-Krause-Ufer (Berlin-Tiergarten) and Keplerstraße (Berlin-Charlottenburg). Each location is responsible for certain matters relating to the right of residence.

Please note: The location you need to go depends on your concern.

Location Friedrich-Krause-Ufer in Berlin-Tiergarten (head office)

Foto vom Standort Friedrich-Krause-Ufer der Ausländerbehörde Berlin

Most of the requests of our customers are dealt with at the location Friedrich-Krause-Ufer in Berlin-Tiergarten.
In particular residence titles for work, family and humanitarian reasons are issued or extended here.

Our service is organized primarily according to country of origin. In Departments E 1 to E 5, areas of competence are pooled according to continent or region.

There are central areas of competence for the following:

  • Persons obliged to leave who have a temporary suspension of deportation – Duldung (departments A 2, A 3 and A 4)
  • Asylum seekers allocated to the Federal State of Berlin with temporary residence permits for asylum seekers – Aufenthaltsgestattung (departments A 2, A 3 and A 4)
  • and Illegal entrants (department R 1).

Location Keplerstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg (field office for special purposes of stay)

Foto vom Standort Keplerstraße der Ausländerbehörde Berlin

Residence titles for special purposes of stay are issued or extended at the location Keplerstraße, particularly for:

  • Study or visit a language course,
  • Employment as a researcher, scientist or teacher,
  • Internships and vocational trainings,
  • Au pairs,
  • Working-Holiday-Programmes,

Furthermore, the location is responsible for the

  • residence title EU Blue Card and
  • extensions of Schengen visa.

Our mission statement

The Foreigners’ Registration Office is the Berlin authority for immigrants.

We decide whether or not to grant immigrants permission to stay in Germany, and whether or not to terminate their stay. We actively provide our customers with advice, in order to clarify their legal status as quickly as possible and then to take whichever steps are necessary.

Thus we make a significant contribution to the fulfillment of humanitarian obligations, as well as helping to ensure that immigration is in line with Germany’s long-term demographic and economic interests.

The Berlin Foreigners’ Registration Office is a learning organization. Our business procedures, service, information and guidance system are continuously reviewed and, if necessary, amended. To this end, we also use the critical perspective of other authorities and members of civil society.