Business Support

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We support business through various activities and partners. Find out why Berlin is the right place to start a business and about the kind of support we offer using the links below.

Berlin - The Right Location

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Unlike many comparable major cities, Berlin still has extensive areas available for site-intensive projects in the manufacturing sector. More information

Our Partners

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In the area of funding, the objective is also to strengthen the efficiency and competitiveness of Berlin’s commercial and industrial sector. More information

Start-Up Funding

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Berlin is Germany’s start-up capital. In terms of the city’s share of the national population, more people in Berlin set themselves up in business than in any other federal state. More information

Investment Support

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Berlin offers a broad portfolio of funding to support your business ideas and investment projects. Which phase of development is your enterprise in at present? More information

Promoting Innovation

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Today, knowledge is disseminated faster than ever and has become a key production factor through the impetus it gives to such innovations as newly launched products or services and newly implemented production processes. More information

Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

In promoting foreign trade, Berlin regards its primary task as strengthening the regional economy’s competitiveness in the international arena. More information

European Structural Funds 2014-2020 in Berlin

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The European Structural Funds are the most important financial instruments in the European Union to strengthen economic and social cohesion between Member States. The new funding period 2014-2020 started in 2014. More information