Funding Partners

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In the area of funding, the objective is also to strengthen the efficiency and competitiveness of Berlin’s commercial and industrial sector. This economic policy objective is supported by a raft of funding measures with a special emphasis on financial promotional programmes.

In Berlin, a broad spectrum of funding is not just designed to promote innovative business ideas and investment, but also to support current businesses. Our partners, in particular the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), Berlin Partner for Business and Technology (BPBT), the BBB Bürgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg and the business promotion offices in Berlin’s boroughs, provide access to subsidies and loans as well as equity products and consultancy services for Berlin entrepreneurs and companies.

The Business Support Guide offers an overview of all the relevant business development programmes. This brochure serves as an initial point of orientation, but is not intended to replace a personal consultation. New entrepreneurs can find more information at the Business Start-up Network Berlin gateway.

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)

The IBB is the business promotion and development bank of the federal state of Berlin. Its financial promotional programmes actively support Berlin’s development as a centre for business and industry.

The IBB homepage provides detailed information on the wealth of diverse funding instruments offered by Berlin.

The Business Support Guide helps you select the right funding for your business.

Bürgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg (BBB)

The BBB provides loan guarantees across all of Berlin’s business sectors. The bank offers loan guarantees to finance commercially viable projects, ensuring that funding is available for promising businesses which have exhausted their own standard bank collateral.

The BBB website provides comprehensive information on the possibilities of obtaining a commercial loan guarantee. BBB contacts:
  • Sylvia Weber (030) 311004-20 and
  • Michael Wowra (030) 311004-21

Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft zu Berlin-Brandenburg mbH (MBG)

The MBG, which focuses on investments for small and micro-enterprises, can be contacted via the BBB bank.

KfW Group

The KfW Group is one of Germany’s leading promotional banks supporting private customers as well as businesses, municipal and local authorities, and non-profit and social organisations.

Business Promotion Services in Berlin’s Boroughs

The business promotion services in Berlin’s boroughs are aimed at securing and expanding the boroughs as business locations, safeguarding existing employment and creating new jobs. The business promotion units have specialised knowledge of the local economy and offer a point of contact for all businesses in their borough. They also provide consultancy services on all aspects of launching a start-up in Berlin.