The Right Location

Berlin - Blick auf das Nikolaiviertel und Alexanderplatz

Berlin offers excellent conditions for every type of company – with facilities ranging from flexible rental units in technology and business incubation centres for university graduates or young entrepreneurs to generously proportioned commercial sites and premises for industrial enterprises and craft trades setting up in business or expanding.

To ensure this locational advantage can be enjoyed on a permanent basis, the city of Berlin attaches considerable importance to land use planning and safeguarding the status of industrial and commercial sites. Within its economic planning remit, the Senate Department strives to foster and secure the right conditions for business both on the city level, through land use planning and urban development planning, and on the level of local land development schemes.

Unlike many comparable major cities, Berlin still has extensive areas available for site-intensive projects in the manufacturing sector. With the support of the Senate Department and providing the required conditions are met, commercial and industrial sites belonging to the city of Berlin may be purchased directly or utilized on a leasehold basis.

Thanks to the close economic and scientific links at Berlin’s Zukunftsorte, these offer the potential qualities and synergies to fuel business development opportunities. The Zukunftsorte also include sites in nearly every district across Berlin, ranging from industrial sites fully integrated into the city’s infrastructure to rented premises in technology and business incubation centres with diverse specialisations.

The Business Location Center webpage provides a wealth of information on Berlin as a business location as well as useful applications such as the Economic Atlas with its 3D city model and the Solar Atlas.