The Status Quo

For many years, the creative industries have solely been regarded as a soft location factor. Yet in Berlin especially, the creative industries are a key hard economic factor, standing for growth and employment. Over the past years, as the economic data shows, Berlin’s creative industries have recorded above average development, even when related to national figures.

Berlin’s creative industries are divided below into the eleven individual market segments specifi ed in the defi nition of the creative industries by the Conference of the Ministers of Economics of the Länder (WMK). The figures for those other business sectors which are part of the creative industries in the widest sense of the word are combined in the table under Other Sectors. However, the ICT submarket, which is part of the ICT, Media, and Creative Industries cluster, is not dealt with in this Report. To allow a more detailed analysis of the value-added chains, this Report has included in the design and art market business sectors which are categorised as Other Sectors. The Glossary and Sources of Data in the Appendix lists the key terms in this Report and provide references for the data sources.

The table below shows the figures for the turnover, number of companies and those working in the creative industries. The employment data is also broken down to show the proportion of those employees subject to social insurance contributions and those in minor employment in each market segment sector and in total.
Creative Industries Companies 2012 Turnover in thousand € / 2012 Total
employed 2013
Subject to social insurance 2013 In minor employment 2013
Music 1.266 1.021.626 12.740 4.238 473
Books 1.758 821.300 8.681 5.873 465
Print Media 1.894 2.952.866 11.370 8.063 618
Design 5.142 2.233.638 16.802 9.340 1.271
Film 1.897 802.985 10.631 4.450 1.014
Broad­casting 1.679 1.876.180 26.024 6.605 393
3.957 2.665.025 47.087 30.737 1.469
Advertising 1.540 939.238 13.106 6.151 906
Art 2.583 697.566 6.607 4.819 706
1.665 504.506 13.248 3.859 577
Architecture 2.680 452.763 8.939 4.905 421
Other Sectors 2.126 1.651.485 10.785 9.416 1.055
Creative Industries
28.187 16.610.178 186.020 98.456 9.368

Source: : Berlin-Brandenburg Statistical Office (Amt für Statistik) and Federal Employment Agency (BfA), Analysis IW Consult GmbH, graphic SenWTF