Stabilisation Phase


Liquiditätsfonds (Liquidity Fund)

This funding programme is designed to assist medium-sized companies experiencing acute liquidity problems beyond the reach of a loan and loan guarantee. The loans are provided at standard market conditions, and require an appreciable co-funding share from a third party, for example, the proprietor or the company’s bank.

Bridging Finance

In 1992, the federal state of Berlin introduced the possibility of submitting an application for bridging finance for traders and companies whose existence is threatened by the constraints on their normal business due to unusually extensive and long-lasting road construction projects. Such finance is a voluntary service provided by Berlin in the context of considerations of fairness which are not able to be claimed as a legal right. The bridging finance is designed to alleviate the company’s or trader’s financial disadvantage with the objective of safeguarding workplaces and avoiding a loss of livelihoods.