Welcome to Berlin

If you consider relocating your business, Berlin is the place to be. The capital of the EU’s strongest economy offers ideal conditions for any kind of business. It is among Germany’s most dynamic economic centres with services and tech as its strongest sectors. Every year, more than 50,000 people move to Berlin. Annual GDP is at 2,5; job growth at 4,3 percent – and thereby twice as high the national rate. Berlin stands for financial security, tradition, expertise, but also for creativity, entrepreneurship and vision. Modern Berlin is a rising centre of global innovation. It is Europe’s leading startup hub. Last year, it attracted a total of 2,1 billion Euro in Venture Capital, more than London and any other place in Europe. 3,000 tech companies moved to Berlin in the past three years. Half of Germany’s 30 Dax companies have R&D labs in the city. Berlin has an abundance of young, talented, international people and a vast landscape of world-leading research centres like the Fraunhofer and Max Planck institutes. Berlin welcomes you. It is at the heartbeat of Europe and the rest of the world.

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Do you want to register, re-register or deregister a trade or craft in Berlin? Or register your freelance work? The Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research offers help and assistance. Entrepreneurs in Berlin (as well as aspiring entrepreneurs) can take care of their official business tasks conveniently and securely online on this website and save any unnecessary time to visit local authorities. Get in touch with our point of single contact: http://www.berlin.de/ea/en/ or directly call: +49 – (0) 30 9013 7577.

Business support

If you want to open a business, the State of Berlin and its investment bank (IBB) provide different types of financial support with a new focus on tech-driven and digital companies:


Need a visa and work permit? The Business Immigration Service (BIS) is the place to contact:

Next steps

Find out more about our business opportunities on the website of our Berlin development agency: Berlin Partner http://www.businesslocationcenter.de/invest