Loan Programmes

Berlin Kredit (Berlin Loan)

The Berlin Kredit loan offers general funding for SMEs requiring long-term financing for investment and production equipment and facilities.

IBB-Wachstumsprogramm (IBB Growth Programme)

Cooperation loan for medium-sized companies
The IBB Growth Programme (IBB-Wachstumsprogramm) is designed for enterprises looking to invest to support planned growth. The programme includes investments in fixed assets, and hence in the related plant and equipment, which require a medium to long-term provision of funds, and supports refinancing and follow-up financing for existing loans, fixed-term base funding for working capital, and the forward financing of receivables, inventories or orders.

KMU-Fonds (SME Fund)

The KMU-Fonds (SME Fund) provides loan financing for Berlin-based SMEs and freelance professionals. The available funds can be used for such business operations as relocation or translocation, take-overs, rationalisation, expansion and re-investing.