The Dobrin Family

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I am now 88 years old, and I was a classmate of Miriam Dobrin, Isidor’s daughter. First we attended the 15. Volksschule at Siemensstraße and from 3rd grade on the Jewish Private School Leonore Goldschmidt, an extremely nice school.

I remember a class trip we made to the old Kreuzberg neighbourhood in Berlin. After the outing all our class was invited to the Dobrin Konditorei in that neighbourhood for chocolate and cake.

Another thing I remember is that at one of Miriam’s birthday parties there were big „Mohrenköpfe“ (round cakes with a chocolate icing) on every plate and every one of these cakes had the name of the child „written“ on it in white icing, indicating where we were supposed to sit at the long table.

I have heard through diverse connections, at the time Yaron Pazi made the film about the Goldschmidtschule, that Miriam is no longer alive.

I am a graphic artist and lived with my parents and brother first in Buenos Aires after we left Berlin at the REALLY LAST MOMENT in October 1939. In 1955 I came to Israel, live in Jerusalem, got married, have two sons and 7 grandchildren. My beloved husband of 52 years, Walter Shimon Brandeis, died 4 months ago.

Brigitte Brandeis, nee Frankfurther
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