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Berlin has strong ties to the rest of the world. Many of the visitors of state invited to Berlin by the federal government use their stay here to meet with the Governing Mayor, too. The countless visits by working groups on very different levels also illustrate the unflagging interest in our city. Of course, Berlin does not just welcome visitors; rather, the city’s political representatives also make valuable contacts on their own visits abroad in connection with specific themes. Ideally, these contacts lead to lasting relationships. In addition, Berlin’s 17 city partnerships are given focus and content at the Berlin Town Hall, which also coordinates Berlin’s work in various international city networks and assists the many different embassies and other foreign missions here in the city. A wide array of cooperative projects with cities in other countries and special tasks round off our activities. Berlin offers a comprehensive range of services to the city’s international visitors. Along with the traditional goals of international cooperation – the idea of promoting international understanding and international exchange – our work is aimed at enhancing Berlin’s position worldwide. Especially in the areas of business –and particularly the tourism industry – culture, and climate protection, Berlin has many strengths that are attracting a lot of attention abroad. We want to highlight these and take a proactive approach to marketing them.


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