Programs to Accelerate the Expansion of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency


In the course of the switch towards more sustainable forms of energy, the State of Berlin is promoting the expansion of renewable energies – also and especially during the energy crisis. For this reason, the supplementary budget of the Berlin Senate provides 200 million euros to strengthen the promotion of solar energy plants and energy-efficient refurbishment. Renewable energies are also promoted at the federal level through various measures.

Funding Programs


With the SolarPlus subsidy program, the Berlin Senate is promoting the expansion of electricity generation with photovoltaic systems in a targeted manner. SolarPlus is aimed at private individuals and companies that want to use photovoltaic systems and electricity storage solutions. The funding program already offers support in the preparation stage: The costs for feasibility studies, expert opinions and concepts are covered by up to 65%. SolarPlus can be combined with other funding programs.

Applications can be submitted online at Investitionsbank Berlin.

Balcony Power Plants

Since mid-February 2023, tenants in Berlin can receive a subsidy of up to 500 euros for balcony power plants. The subsidy for balcony solar systems is part of the SolarPlus program. Tenants who want to install a plug-in solar device on their balcony need the permission of their landlord.

For more information on the funding of balcony power plants, go the FAQ section.

Effiziente GebäudePlus

The energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings is an important lever for achieving Berlin’s climate targets. Refurbishments enable long-term savings in greenhouse gas emissions. With the Effiziente GebäudePlus (“Efficient BuildingsPlus”) program, the State of Berlin supports owners in the energy-efficient refurbishment of residential and non-residential buildings. Depending on the project, costs are covered on a pro rata basis of up to 30% or predefined subsidies are paid out.

Applications can be submitted online at Investitionsbank Berlin.

KfW Program for Renewable Energies

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) provides promotional loans of up to 50 million euros for investments in renewable energies for the generation of electricity and heat. Among other things, the purchase and construction of wind and hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic and biogas plants are subsidized.

The KfW loan can be combined with other funding programs. Interested parties can submit applications for KfW funding to their bank. In advance, you can use the KfW funding assistant to check whether your planned project is suitable for the program.

Federal Subsidy for Energy-Efficient Buildings

The Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings combines previous support programs to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies in the building sector. Funding is provided for up to 15% of the costs incurred by energy-efficient renovation measures. These include, for example, the use of new heating systems or the optimization of existing systems, measures on the building envelope and the use of optimized systems technology.

Consulting Services

Coordination Office for Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection in the company

As a central point of contact for Berlin’s business community, the Coordination Office for Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency in Business (KEK) offers various services to provide the best possible support for every Berlin company in identifying energy-saving potential through to implementing energy efficiency and climate protection measures. Initial information on possible measures and conceivable subsidies can be obtained as part of a basic consultation. Small and medium-sized enterprises also have the option of taking advantage of further, free and neutral detailed SME consulting. This is tailored specifically to the needs of the company and can include an on-site appointment to identify potential and develop concrete recommendations for measures. Please note that consultations may only be offered in German language.

In addition, the KEK organizes free information events and supports companies in various exchange and networking formats: from the Round Table to the permanent Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Network.

Energy Consulting for Efficiency and Optimization

The Berlin Energy Consulting for Efficiency and Optimization (ENEO) supports property owners in implementing energy-efficient building refurbishment. The program includes free, tailored advice and support in the run-up to the refurbishment measures as well as a grant of up to 2,000 euros for the preparation of an energy report. The offer is aimed at private landlords and investors, housing companies, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations. Please note that consultations may only be offered in German language.

Further information (in German) on the funding guidelines can be found on the Investitionsbank Berlin page.

Energy Consulting for Residential Buildings

Trained consultants can be contacted to draw up an individual renovation roadmap for buildings. Property owners and tenants who want to renovate their residential buildings to make them more energy efficient can take advantage of the energy consulting services offered by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. Up to 80 percent of the consulting fee is covered by the subsidy program ( Please note that consultations may only be offered in German language.

Berlin Solar Law

In Berlin, solar energy has been mandatory for private buildings since 2023: photovoltaic systems must be installed on at least 30 percent of the roof surface of new buildings and significant conversions of existing roofs. Owners can also take alternative sustainability measures. The solar law is designed to exploit the solar potential on the city’s roofs. With an online tool, owners can check whether the obligation to install solar panels applies to their building.

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