Aids and Relief Packages for Corporations

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Loan Program (Liquiditätshilfen Energie)

In order to support Berlin companies during the energy crisis, the Berlin Senate has approved a 100 million euro loan program. The “Liquiditätshilfen Energie” (Liquidity Assistance Energy) program is aimed at companies, freelancers and self-employed persons in Berlin that have already been on the market for at least three years and whose energy costs have at least doubled between 2021 and 2022. To bridge the crisis situation, they can receive a loan of up to one million euros at a reduced interest rate. The loans can remain repayment-free for up to two years.

Applications can be submitted online via the website of the Investitionsbank Berlin since October 2022.

Energy Hardship Assistance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

With the Energy Hardship Assistance (KMU-Energiehärtefallhilfe Berlin), the state supports small and medium-sized businessess and self-employed persons that have not been covered by federal relief programs to date. A total of 252 million euros is available for this purpose. The energy hardship assistance is a lump-sum payment amounting to 90% of the energy costs paid in 2022, which exceeded the energy price increase by a factor of 1.5 in 2021. A de minimis limit of 3,000 euros applies. The maximum grant is 300,000 euros.

The assistance is aimed at Berlin’s small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit companies, associations engaged in entrepreneurial activities, solo self-employed persons and freelancers who use energy sources such as electricity, gas, district heating, oil, wood pellets, coal or liquid gas and are demonstrably subject to particular economic hardship due to high energy costs.

The application process is currently being prepared and will be submitted online soon on the website of Investitionsbank Berlin.

State Program for Energy Consulting

The Berlin Senate has introduced a state program for energy-related advisory services with the aim of providing Berlin’s consumers with comprehensive advice on energy issues and developing individual solutions. The challenges include rising energy costs and the associated debt, but also the right way to deal with dubious energy suppliers, planning energy budgets and energy-saving measures. Due to increasing demand, funding for energy consulting offers will be increased from the previous 500,000 euros to around two million euros up to and including 2023. Detailed information on energy consulting services in Berlin can be found on the pages of the Senate Department for Consumer Protection.

Heating Cost Assistance

Business owners who heat with oil, pellets, coal or liquid gas and whose energy costs have increased by at least 70 percent compared to 2021 while consumption has remained the same, can apply for the Berlin heating cost assistance from January 31, 2023. Applications for Heating Cost Assistance Berlin and Federal Hardship Assistance (“Heizkostenhilfe Berlin und Härtefallhilfe des Bundes in Berlin”) in Berlin can be submitte online on the IBB website until October 20, 2023. The amount of the subsidy is 80 percent of the costs exceeding 1.7 times the costs in 2021.

Coordination Office for Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency in Business

As a central point of contact for Berlin’s business community, the Coordination Office for Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency in Business (Koordinierungsstelle für Klimaschutz und Energieeffizienz im Betrieb – KEK) offers various services to provide the best possible support for Berlin companies, ranging from identifying energy-saving potential to implementing energy efficiency and climate protection measures. Companies and corporations can gather initial information on possible measures and conceivable subsidies during a basic consultation. Small and medium-sized enterprises also have the option of taking advantage of a more detailed, neutral SME consultation free of charge. This consultation is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual company and can include an on-site meeting to identify energy-saving potential and develop concrete recommendations for measures. Consultations are offered in German or English.

In addition, the KEK organizes free information events and supports companies in various exchange and networking formats, including a round table discussion and the Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Network.

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