Walk the Wall – The multimedia guide to the Berlin Wall

No other structure is identified as strongly with the history of German division and the Cold War as the Berlin Wall. Yet today Berliners and tourists alike find themselves wondering where the Wall actually was, what it looked like, and what kind of lasting impact it had on people’s lives.

Berlin’s state government, the Senate, would like to unlock the narrative potential of the last traces of the Wall and make it possible for people exploring Berlin to experience and understand these vestiges of the past. As part of its memorial plans for the Berlin Wall as a whole and in connection with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, the Berlin Senate put out a call for bids for the “Berlin Wall multimedia guide” project. The contract for this ambitious project was awarded last year to Antenna Audio, a company with a worldwide reputation as a producer of audio and multimedia tours. Its multimedia “Walk the Wall” guide has been available at five different stations in central Berlin since 1 May 2008. The guide spotlights sites and memorials that are key to the history of the Wall, taking visitors from one Wall site to the next and using multimedia technology to give background information on the various places visited. Evaluation by historians from the city’s memorials has earned the WallGuide the “Berliner Mauer” (Berlin Wall) seal of approval.

More information on the Discovery Tours “Walk the Wall” guide can be found at: www.MauerGuide.com(Externer Link)


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