Double row of cobblestones on Sonnenallee

Where was the Wall?

“Where was the Wall?” is undoubtedly one of the questions asked most frequently by people visiting Berlin. Many native Berliners and newer residents, however, are also interested in seeing remnants of the former border installations inside the city.

As part of its overall concept for the Berlin Wall, the Senate intends to preserve the existing remnants of the Wall and to post additional signs and information to give people a deeper understanding of their historical significance. The following projects have already been realized:

  • Marking the course of the Wall through the city center with a double row of cobblestones on public streets and sidewalks
  • The “Berlin Wall History Mile” with 30 info boards put up along the course of the Wall inside the city
  • References to Wall sites included among the blue signs that help tourists find their bearings
  • An information and orientation system consisting of ten pillars located at inner-city sites vital to the history of the Berlin Wall
  • A site-specific outdoor exhibition at the former Checkpoint Charlie
  • The “Berlin Wall Trail” along the former border strip that circled West Berlin

We offer three different interactive applications here on our Web site as a virtual guide from far away and before visiting these sites:
Map overview

Map overview

A current city map is the backdrop for an overview of all the major historical and contemporary Wall sites in the city center. Extra maps cover border crossings, memorials, and other key places, along with the former Sonnenallee checkpoint located in southern Berlin.  more »

Aerial views from 1989

Aerial views from 1989

Historical aerial photos from April 1989 can be enlarged to a scale of 1:1000 and show the details of the inner-city border installations between Berlin’s northern and southern boundaries just before the fall of the Wall. Each aerial photo is paired with a corresponding map excerpt.  more »

Berlin Wall Trail

Berlin Wall Trail

Along roughly 160 kilometers, the Berlin Wall Trail follows the former course of the Wall around what was once the western half of the city. The Trail includes both the inner-city border and the “outer ring.” Aerial photos from 2004 are used as a backdrop here.  more »


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Smartphone app

Find traces of the Wall with a smartphone app

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Overall concept

Read or download the overall concept for Berlin Wall memorials (12 June 2006; only in German)

Maps and layer

Other maps showing the former course of the Berlin Wall(Externer Link), as well as a separate layer used to show the location of the Wall in publications, can be obtained from the Senate Department for Urban Development (contact).