Former course of the Wall in 1989

These aerial photos show the 43.1-kilometer section of the Berlin Wall inside the city as it looked in its final phase, about 6 months before the Wall fell on 9 November 1989. In most cases you can see the outer wall closest to West Berlin (the “vordere Sperrmauer”), the width of the border strip with its "control strip," the border patrol road, watchtowers, and the inner wall closest to East Berlin (the “Hinterlandsicherungsmauer”). The seven checkpoints are also visible as separate areas within the border fortifications. Depending on where they were located and the requirements of that setting, the border installations varied in width from five to several hundred meters.

Aerial views from 1989 are contrasted here with Berlin map excerpts (scale of 1:5000) (K5) from 1991 to 1995. Clicking on the “Aerial views” and “Maps” tabs will allow you to switch between the aerial photos and the map excerpts while staying in the same zoom level.

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Aerial photos: Photo flight in April 1989
Commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Building and Housing
Maps: Map of Berlin (scale 1:5000) (K5), 1991–1995

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Senate Department for Urban Development, Directorate III – Geoinformation, Surveying, Valuation
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