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Berlin Wall History Mile

The Berlin Wall History Mile is a permanent exhibition in four languages. At 30 different stations along the Wall Trail inside the city, it tells the story of Berlin's division, the construction of the Wall, and how the Wall fell. Its historical photos and texts describe events that took place at the location in question and illuminate both the political situation and everyday life in the divided city. In the city center, a double row of cobblestones and bronze plaques inscribed “Berliner Mauer 1961–1989” marks the former course of the Berlin Wall. If you follow the markings, you can explore the remaining traces of the border fortifications.

Stations and topics along the Berlin Wall History Mile

Bornholmer Strasse / west of Bösebrücke Transportation policy; division in earlier years
Corner of Gleimstrasse and Schwedter Strasse Life near the border
Bernauer Strasse 48 Ida Siekmann’s escape attempt
Bernauer Strasse 78 “Tunnel 29”: a successful escape
Bernauer Strasse / Ruppiner Strasse Conrad Schumann’s escape
Bernauer Strasse / Strelitzer Strasse “Tunnel 57”: a successful escape; death of the border guard Egon Schultz
Gartenstraße / Nordbahnhof Nordbahnhof as a “ghost station”
Chausseestrasse / Liesenstrasse The border opens in 1989
Sandkrugbrücke / Invalidenstrasse (1) Escape attempt
Sandkrugbrücke / Invalidenstrasse (2) Günter Litfin’s escape attempt on 24 August 1961
Reichstagufer “Weisse Kreuze” (White Crosses) memorial
Ebertstrasse / Scheidemannstrasse Reichstag: The parliament building during the Cold War
Platz des 18. März (Brandenburg Gate) 13 August 1961; Reagan’s speech in 1987
Ebertstrasse / Voßstrasse World War II; division of Germany and Berlin
Potsdamer Platz A city square on the border strip
Corner of Zimmerstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse Ulbricht’s press conference at the House of Ministries
Corner of Zimmerstrasse and Friedrichstrasse Tanks face off in the fall of 1961
Corner of Zimmerstrasse and Charlottenstrasse Peter Fechter’s escape attempt
Corner of Zimmerstrasse and Jerusalemerstrasse Tunnel escape; death of the border guard Reinhold Huhn
Heinrich-Heine-Strasse Two escape attempts
Waldemarstrasse / Leuschnerdamm Everyday life in West Berlin along the Wall
Engeldamm / Melchiorstraße From canal to “no man’s land”
Oberbaumbrücke Permit agreement
May-Ayim-Ufer Deaths on the river
Puschkinallee, near watchtower Construction of the border fortifications
Harzerstrasse / Bouchéstrasse Mapping the course of the border; expansion of the border fortifications
Sonnenallee border crossing Working in the other half of the city; the border is sealed off
Bridge across Britzer Zweigkanal Chris Gueffroy’s escape attempt on 5 February 1989
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