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Lakes for Swimming in Berlin




One part of the Dämeritzsee lies in the south of Berlin, the other part in Brandenburg. The lake suitable for swimming, fishing and boat trips.  more

Sommer in Berlin


Located north of the former Tegel Airport in the Reinickendorf district, the Flughafensee is Berlin's deepest lake.  more


Groß Glienicker See

The Groß Glienicker See is located in the southwest of Berlin and forms part of the border between Berlin and Brandenburg. It offers two bathing places on the Berlin shore.  more



Halensee in the Grunewald district is one of the natural lakes of the small Grunewald lake chain.  more



Heiligensee is located in the part of the Reinickendorf district of the same name on the far northeastern outskirts of Berlin.  more

Matrosenstation am Jungfernsee


The Jungfernsee belongs to the Havel waters and is used as a federal waterway. The largest part of its water surface is located in Potsdam city area, only a small area of the southeast bank belongs to Berlin.  more

Badegewässer Krumme Lanke

Krumme Lanke

The Krumme Lanke is a bathing lake in Zehlendorf in the middle and part of the Grunewald lake chain. It is a great spot for sunbathing, jogging, fishing and swimming.  more

Bootsverkehr auf der Dahme

Langer See

Langer See is a widening of the Dahme River that begins north of Schmöckwitz and extends all the way to the old town of Köpenick.  more



The Müggelsee in the district Treptow-Köpenick is the largest of the Berlin lakes and very popular with swimmers and sunbathers.  more


Nieder Neuendorfer See

Nieder Neuendorfer See in Reinickendorf is part of the chain of lakes in the Middle Havel area. The lake offers recreation for adults and lots of fun for children.  more



Orankesee is located in the middle of a villa district in Lichtenberg. The associated lido offers various leisure activities.  more

Impressionen aus dem sommerlichen Berlin 2015


Plötzensee is located in the district of Wedding near the Rehberge public park. Its lido offers numerous leisure activities.  more

Schlachtensee (2)


Schlachtensee in the Zehlendorf district is a popular bathing lake with boat rentals and a beer garden. It is the largest lake of the Grunewald lake chain.  more



The Seddinsee is located between Schmöckwitz in the district of Treptow-Köpenick and Gosen in Brandenburg.  more

Impressionen aus dem sommerlichen Berlin 2014

Tegeler See

With a total area of about 1112 acres, the Tegeler See in Reinickendorf is the second largest lake in the city.  more

teufelssee (1)


The Teufelssee is located in the middle of the beautiful Grunewald forest in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.  more



Berlin and Brandenburg are crisscrossed by lakes, the most important of which is the Wannsee. The lake offers numerous opportunities for recreation and can be used for boat tours, as open-air swimming pool or for water sports.  more

Sommer in Weißensee

Weißer See

With a maximum depth of 10.64 metres, the Weißer See in Pankow is Berlin's seventh deepest lake. It offers a lido, boat rentals and cozy cafés on its shore.  more


Zeuthener See

In Berlin's southeast, the Zeuthener See forms part of the border between Berlin and Brandenburg and is a bathing-friendly spread of the Dahme River.  more

Ein Mann schwimmt im See


The Ziegeleisee in Reinickendorf is not the largest of Berlin's lakes, but it shines with cleanl water and great bathing quality.  more

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