The Teufelssee is located in the middle of the beautiful Grunewald forest in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

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    The Canadian Jessica J. Lee bathes in Berlin in the Teufelssee.
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    Ground fog lies over the Teufelssee in the early morning.
The Teufelssee has its origin in the ice age and covers an area of 2.4 hectares. It is embedded in Berlin's Grunewald, an extensive forest area in the west of the city. The lake is part of the "Teufelsfenn" nature reserve on the northern bank. To the northeast is the Teufelsberg, which was heaped up from the rubble and ruins of the Second World War. Here are the ruins of the US listening station.

Swimming in the Teufelssee

Even though the Teufelssee is part of a nature reserve, swimming is allowed in some places. On the southern shore of the Teufelssee there is a bathing area with a lawn for sunbathing, which is often used by some visitors as a nudist beach. This section is monitored by a DLRG water rescue station. Those who want to swim here should bring their own picnic, as there is no infrastructure around the lake. Dogs are not allowed to bathe in the Teufelssee.

Facts about the Teufelssee

The Teufelssee was formed from a lump of dead ice and has no outlet. It is part of the Teufelssee-Pechsee-Barssee-Rinne, a meltwater channel from the ice age. The lake is home to the rare fish species Bitterling. Since the Teufelssee has had too little water for years, groundwater is constantly being added.


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