Berlin and Brandenburg are criss-crossed by lakes, the most important of which is the Wannsee. Whether it is a boat tour, open-air swimming pool or water sports - there are numerous possibilities at Wannsee.

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  • Wannsee© dpa
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The many lakes in Berlin are an El Dorado for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking recreation. 6.6 percent of the city's area is water. Those who have not visited any of the large lakes do not understand the special quality of Berlin.
The Strandbad Wannsee is the largest inland seaside resort in Europe. It was built in 1929/30 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. In summer temperatures, it can accommodate thousands of bathers.

Gallery (in German)

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    Strandbad Wannsee
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    Saisoneröffnung Strandbad Wannsee 2018



Wannseebadweg 25
14129 Berlin

Public transportation

Keime im Badesee
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Lakes for swimming

Berlin has many beautiful swimming lakes, which provide cooling on hot summer days. more

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