With its size of 5.7 hectares, Halensee in Grunewald is one of the natural lakes in the small Grunewald lake chain.

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Although its shore consists mainly of private plots, visitors will also find sunny moorings and walking paths at Halensee. At the southern tip and the northern shore the lake is open to the public, but swimming is prohibited. The Friedenthalpark on the city motorway is mainly used by nudists and offers plenty of space for sunbathing and relaxation. There is a playground for children, which, among other things, has a pirate ship.

Swimming in Lake Halensee

For a long time there was a bathing ban in Halensee. The former lido was closed in 2002. The water quality left much to be desired due to the supply of waste water from the street. A new filter system for rainwater has been providing relief since 2007. Since the first of May 2016, bathing in Halensee has been permitted again, but only in the Halensee outdoor pool (Ku'damm Beach).

Interesting facts about the Halensee

Lake Halen is 5.7 hectares in size and up to ten metres deep. For a long time it was considered the most polluted water body in Berlin. Thanks to a new rain filter system, the quality of the water is now recovering. The lake has no natural inflow. It is fed by groundwater and the inflow of water from the motorway and residential areas in the surrounding area.

Halensee in the Grunewald

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Lakes for swimming

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