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One part of the Dämeritzsee lies in the south of Berlin, the other part in Brandenburg. The lake suitable for swimming, fishing and boat trips.

The border between Berlin and Brandenburg runs through the middle of Lake Dämeritzsee. It is bordered to the north and west by the districts of Rahnsdorf and Hessenwinkel. On the other side lies the Brandenburg town of Erkner. Of great importance for the Dämeritzsee are boat trips. Tours to the Müggelspree and the Müggelsee as well as to the Gosener Kanal leave from there. Anglers use the Dämeritzsee as fishing waters.

Swimming in the Dämeritzsee

The Berlin side of the Dämeritzsee is a densely populated area, which is why there is no designated bathing area. However, the quality of the water is very good. In the Brandenburg part, bathers are more likely to find a quiet place on the shore.

Facts about the Dämeritzsee

The Dämeritzsee has an almost circular shape and a diameter of about one kilometre. It covers 103.6 hectares and is up to 4.5 metres deep. It receives its inflow from the Müggelspree and Flakenfließ as well as from the rainwater drainage system.


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