The Schlachtensee in Berlin Zehlendorfer is a popular bathing lake with boat rental and beer garden restaurant. With an area of 41.56 hectares, it is the largest lake in the Grunewald lake chain.

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    Blick auf eine Liegewiese am Zehlendorfer Schlachtensee.
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    Badegäste am Schlachtensee
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    Blick auf den Schlachtensee und das Ausflugslokal Fischerhütte am 05. Mai 2016.
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    Spielplatz und Liegewiese am Schlachtensee in Berlin-Zehelndorf.
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    Am Ufer des Schlachtensees
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    Ein Schild am Berliner Schlachtensee informiert über die Hundeampel und ein saisonales Mitführverbot für Hunde.
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    Schwäne am Schlachtensee
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    Spaziergänger auf zugefrorenem Schlachtensee
Around Schlachtensee, which is located between Krumme Lanke and Wannsee, there is a seven-kilometre-long lakeside path surrounded by forest, which is popular with walkers and joggers. The Paul-Ernst-Park is located on the southern bank. From the S-Bahn line at the Schlachtensee station, sunbathing lawns stretch all the way to the lake. Visitors can also sunbathe and relax in the north-eastern part. A children's playground and a restaurant with beer garden are available. Anglers will find 18 species of fish in the tube-shaped waters.

Bathing in the Schlachtensee

The Schlachtensee is ideal for swimming due to its high water quality. The shore areas with sunbathing lawns are the best place for bathers to get into the water. Due to the formation of whirlpools, however, swimming is not without danger in some areas of the lake.

Facts about the Schlachtensee

Schlachtensee is the southernmost and largest of the Grunewald lake chain. It was formed as a glacial channel during the Vistula ice age about 15,000 years ago. In 1750 a hut was built on its eastern shore, which today houses the "Alte Fischerhütte" restaurant.


Fischerhüttenstraße 136
14163 Berlin

Public transportation

Keime im Badesee
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Lakes for swimming

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