The Ziegeleisee in Reinickendorf is not the largest, but it shines with cleanliness and bathing quality.

Ein Mann schwimmt im See

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How a former clay pit can develop into a beautiful bathing lake is probably the secret of nature. Nevertheless, the tranquil, beautiful Ziegeleisee in the Lübars district is considered one of the cleanest and most peaceful bathing lakes in Berlin. There is not a trace of the former factory anywhere in sight.

Bathing in the Ziegeleisee

As an official EU bathing area, the Ziegeleisee impresses with its cleanliness and excellent water quality. However, a visit to the completely fenced-in lake is subject to a fee, as it is an open-air swimming pool. With disabled access and the well-visited Lübars lido, it is definitely worth a visit.

Facts about the Ziegeleisee

The Ziegeleisee is a brick pond, so it was created from the material excavated by a brickyard. Like many lakes of this type, it was converted into a bathing lake because of the good quality of the ground water. The water level is regulated by a connecting pipe to the Hermsdorf lake.


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