Flughafensee (Airport lake)

Flughafensee (Airport lake)

The airport lake north of Tegel Airport in the Reinickendorf district is Berlin's deepest lake at up to 34.3 metres.

The airport lake in Reinickendorf is quiet and away from major roads. On beautiful lakeside paths you can enjoy the nature during a walk. On the southwest shore there is a Volgeschutz area, whose inhabitants can be observed from three viewpoints. North of the lake there is a wide sandy beach which invites you to a sunbathe and relax. Anglers also enjoy the fish rich waters.

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Swimming in the airport lake

The water in the airport lake is regularly checked for quality. The best way for bathers to get into the lake is from the bathing beach on the north shore, where both swimming and diving are very popular.

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Facts about the airport lake

The airport lake was created approximately in the period from 1953 to 1978 by the mining of gravel in this area. Extensive renaturation measures ensured that it now fits naturally into its surroundings. The lake is about 30 hectares in size and, with its maximum depth of 34.3 metres, is the deepest water body in Berlin.

Flughafensee (Airport lake)

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