Unusual Museums in Berlin

Unusual Museums in Berlin

Berlin's museum landscape is diverse - and sometimes quite bizarre. Off the beaten museum track, Berlin visitors will find a veritable cabinet of curiosities of quirky museums. While some exhibition houses, such as the Cat Museum, the Puppet Museum, and the Ramones Museum, are dedicated to niche topics, others take an interactive approach. Discover the most unusual, crazy and extraordinary museums in Berlin:
Bud Spencer (1)
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Bud Spencer Museum

The Bud Spencer Museum is the Pedersoli family's tribute to Carlo Pedersoli, the actor known as Bud Spencer. more

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At the Computerspielemuseum, visitors can trace the development of digital video games by means of many rare original exhibits, playable classics and media productions. more

Disgusting Food Museum (3)
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Disgusting Food Museum Berlin

Not for the faint of heart: The Disgusting Food Museum lives up to its name and presents a selection of the world's grossest and weirdest dishes. more

Museumsdorf Düppel
© Dieter Todtenhaupt /Fördererkreis Museumsdorf Düppel e.V.

Düppel Museum Village

The Düppel Museum Village takes visitors back to the Middle Ages with a reconstructed medieval village complex. more

Illuseum Berlin (6)
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Illuseum Berlin

At the Illuseum Berlin (formerly the Museum of Illusions), the human brain is put to the test with optical illusions, games and kaleidoscopes. more

Lippenstiftmuseum (2)
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Lipstick Museum

Make-up artist René Koch invites visitors to his private premises, where he presents his unique collection of lipstick. more

Berlin Magic Museum - Magicum
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Magicum - Berlin Magic Museum

In the basement of a historical building in Berlin's Scheunenviertel district, the Magicum takes visitors on a journey into the world of magic on over 600 square meters of exhibition space. more

Musikinstrumtenden-Museum Berlin
© Jörg Joachim Riehle

Museum of Musical Instruments

The Museum of Musical Instruments collects and displays musical instruments of European art music from the 16th to the 21st century. more

Schwules Museum
© Thomas Bruns

Schwules Museum

The Schwules Museum ( "Gay Museum") explores and presents lesbian, gay, trans*, bisexual and queer life stories, themes and concepts in history, art and culture. more

Deutsches Spionagemuseum
© Deutsches Spionagemuseum Berlin

German Spy Museum

KGB, Stasi and CIA: The German Spy Museum on Leipziger Platz in Berlin-Mitte takes visitors into the world of the secret services from East and West. more

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Schlange vor der Neuen Nationalgalerie
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