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At the Computerspielemuseum (English: Computer Games Museum), visitors can trace the development of digital video games by means of many rare original exhibits, playable classics and media productions.

With over 300 exhibits, the Computerspielemuseum is all about gaming culture and its development since the early 1950s. The museum aims to deepen the understanding of digital entertainment media and also to help young visitors develop solid media literacy.

Gaming Culture in the Past and Present

The Computerspielemuseum not only exhibits well-known and historic games, it also preserves the original technology needed to play them and other artifacts related to the gaming universe. A special focus is put on current developments in the gaming landscape, such as virtual reality.

Museum Highlights

Some exhibits hold numerous memories for many a visitor - such the Atari Pong video game machine, the first Commodore home computer, the first Nintendo Game & Watch, the first generation of Gameboys, and the original PlayStation. Other highlights of the exhibitions include the Nimrod and the Wall of Hardware. The arcade is particularly popular part of the Museums. Here, visitors can play numerous retro games such as Space Invaders or Asteroids on original coin-operated machines.

Address, Opening Hours and Contact Information

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Karl-Marx-Allee 93A
10243 Berlin
+49 (0)30 609 885 77
Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm
Wheelchair access via ramp. Seating for visitors with limited mobility. Accessible restrooms available.
Admission Fee
€11, reduced fee €7
Guided Tours
Public guided tours takes place on Saturdays (in German) and Sundays (in English) at 12:30 noon.

Public transportation

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