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Lipstick Museum

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    The first lipsticks from 1883 can be seen in a display case at the Lipstick Museum in Berlin.

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    A luxury lipstick case in Art Deco style with gold plating, diamonds, diamonds and black sapphires from 1925 is on display at the Lipstick Museum in Berlin.

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    René Koch, owner of the Lipstick Museum Berlin

Make-up artist René Koch invites visitors to his private premises, where he presents his unique collection of lipstick.

Over 200 exhibits can be viewed in the private museum in Wilmersdorf. On a personal guided tour with the owner, René Koch, visitors can learn how closely the history of lipstick is linked to the universe of fashion and celebrity over time.

Discover the History of Lipstick

From the beginnings of the cosmetic product to the use of lipsticks in film and television, the hippie era, and finally the spread of the lipstick among the general population, exhibits in the museum bear witness to the diversity of lipstick as a product over time. More than 100 kiss prints of famous personalities such as Hildegard Knef, Mireille Mathieu and Bonnie Tyler as well as rare, precious and artistic lipstick cases from different eras are on display at Berlin's Lipstick Museum as well.

Address, Opening Hours and Contact Information

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Helmstedter Straße 16
10717 Berlin
+49 (0)30 854 28 29
Opening Hours
The museum can be only visited by prior appointment in the framework of individual or group tours.
Admission Fee
from €30 Euro per person

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