German Spy Museum

German Spy Museum

KGB, Stasi and CIA: The German Spy Museum on Leipziger Platz in Berlin-Mitte takes visitors into the world of the secret services from East and West.

  • Deutsches Spionagemuseum© Deutsches Spionagemuseum Berlin
  • Deutsches Spionagemuseum© Deutsches Spionagemuseum Berlin
  • Deutsches Spionagemuseum© Deutsches Spionagemuseum Berlin
From the exchange of agents at Glienicke Bridge to the wiretapping facility on Teufelsberg: Berlin was considered the capital of spies, especially during the Cold War. The German Spy Museum offers a journey through the history of espionage, from spying in the Bible history to the present and future. Visitors discover the beginnings of secret intelligence gathering and transmission as well as highly advanced current and possible future espionage methods in an interactive exhibition.

Discover, Try and Learn Interactively

The German Spy Museum displays a wide variety of exhibits from the world of secret intelligence, such as hidden cloak cameras and odor preserves from the Stasi's evidence room. The various interactive stations and multimedia offerings are a highlight of the museum for young people and adults alike. Visitors can master a laser course, crack passwords, search for bugs, decipher, send Morse code or try to trick a lie detector.

Address, Opening Hours and Contact Information


Leipziger Platz 9
10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 398 200 451
Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday from 10 AM till 8 PM
The museums is barrier-free for people with walking disabilities. Stairless access to almost all exhibition areas. Accessible bathrooms. Information on the exhibits for deaf visitors, listening stations for people with visual impairments at some exhibits.
Admission Fee
Depending on the time between €8 and €17

Public transportation

Train (S-Bahn)

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