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  • Teufelsberg

    A dome of the former NSA listening station

  • Teufelsberg
  • Sonnenaufgang in Berlin

    The rising sun shines on Teufelsberg.

  • Teufelsberg

    Sunset on Teufelsberg

  • Teufelsberg
  • Teufelsberg

    Huge graffiti in the former U.S. listening station on Teufelsberg in Grunewald.

Teufelsberg in Grunewald Forest is a mountain of rubble, a lookout point and a monument to history. The now dilapidated American listening station on the summit is open to visitors.

As if from another world, the dilapidated U.S. listening station rises on top of the summit of Berlin's Teufelsberg. From here, visitors have a great view over Grunewald Forest and the adjoining urban areas. Next to the Müggelberge, Teufelsberg is the second highest elevation in Berlin at 120.1m above sea level.

The name Teufelsberg, which translates to "Devil's Mountain", stems. from the nearby Teufelssee lake. During the National Socialist era, the site of the artificial mountain was home to the shell of the Faculty of Defense Technology, which was to be completed as part of the National Socialist project of the world capital Germania. After the Second World War, this shell was blown up and the area was turned into a rubble dump. A total of 25 million m³ of rubble was piled up.

Listening Station on Teufelsberg

After the end of the Nazi regime, there were plans for a recreational area with a ski slope and toboggan run on Teufelsberg. However, these plans were never implemented because the Americans used the mountain as a listening station. The initially mobile station was replaced by a fixed installation, and Teufelsberg was given its distinctive feature that is still preserved today: the five radar domes.

With the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Americans abandoned the listening station in Grunewald Forest and the electronic equipment was removed. However, the radar facilities werestill used for a while as civil air surveillance for air traffic. In the meantime, the former listening station had been sold to a private investor. There were plans for an exclusive residential complex, a museum, and a hotel and conference center, but all of them fell through.

Sports, Recreation and Guided Tours

Today, Teufelsberg is popular with mountain bikers, hikers, paragliders and people looking to enjoy the sunlight and beautiful nature. In the summer, magnificent sunsets can be enjoyed here. In the winter, the mountain's small ski slope and the cross-country ski trail are popular with winter sports enthusiasts - that is, if there is any snow.

Street Art on Teufelsberg

The bizarre terrain on Teufelsberg can be visited as part of regular guided tours. A city guide offers tours on various topics such as history, street art, botany and acoustics.


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Teufelsseechaussee 10
14193 Berlin
Opening Hours
daily from 11 AM till sunset
Admission Fee
Adults € 8, reduced € 6, free for children under 14
Guided Tours
Regular guided tours on various topics are offered.

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